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Major sales achiecements in domestic market


Through more than a decade effective development, products of the company are used by more than 100 enterprlses in above 20 provinces,citles and autonomous reglons in china.To the present, the total sales volume of medium and small-sized cut-off machine of below 165 is above 1,300, and that of accumulator is above 240 and that of other auxiliary equipment is above 100. For the large-sized equipment of above 219, the total sales volume of numerical-controlled rotating and milling cut-off machine is 24, that ofcommon Travlling saw is above 60, that of accumulator is above 60, that of cross welder is above 30 and that of other auxiliary equipment is above 80.

Our main customer has Shanghai Construction Design and Research Institute,Shanghai Jiayi Cold-formed Section Steel Factory, Hankou Roll forming-steel Plant of WISCO, Yuxi Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd,kungang Cold Roll-forrning Steel Co.,Ltd, Kunming Lron&Steel Group Cold Pergola steel mill,Tanyuan Steel Works(group) constructs Co.,Ltd, xinjiang Bagang metallic cannulation Co.,Ltd,Shandong Shanggang Group, Shengll Ollfleld shengll Ollfleld victory steel pipe Co.,Ltd, North China oil field Yangzhou steel pipe Co.,Ltd, jiangsu YuLong Steel Pipe Group, jiangsu Sujia group, jiangsu Gabo pipe Tech-Making Co.,Ltd, Tianjin Lifengyuanda Steel Group, Tianjin Shuangjie Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe group, Hengshuijinghua group, Hebei Shengfang Shengbao Steel pipe Co.,Ltd, Tangshan Wenfeng Steel Group, Huludao Qixing Steel Pipe Group and so on.

Major sales achlevements in forelgn market

goble market

Relying on advanced technology, high-quallty equlpment and good credlt, our produces are favored by more and more forelgn businessmen since it was exported to intemational market in 2005 to co-develop the inernational market of spiral strip accumulator, making the volume of exports increase largely. At present, the equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries(such as America, Thailand, Turkey,india,South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Yugoslavia, indonesia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Iran, UAE(United Arab Emirates), Cambodia, Vietnam and Taiwan, etc. ).The number of product models for export is more than 10, and the total export volume has exceeded 160.

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