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For crosscut machine and fly saw intermittent driving

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Crosscut machine and Flying saw is periodic processing continuous material or a continuous moving material process material separated from the machine function. Typical applications for:
Cutting, sawing, punching, welding, embossed or punch
All of these work in the processing speed is the speed of same and material. The next step will be in a position in the two processing step between the time of arrive. This position is sometimes must be synchronized to the alignment mark. This movement depends on the length of processing layout. Crosscut machine and similar machines such as welding and die are in a rotary mode processing. The output end of the drive every process will rotate a cycle. This process requires high dynamic acceleration and braking. Therefore the crosscut machine to drive the dynamic performance and accuracy requirements are high.
In contrast, fly saw and related function is the translation. In the machine processing, they keep pace with material speed. At the end of the process must be returned to the next processing position. So the return process also need drives have high dynamic performance.

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