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Flying Saw How to adjust the system!

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Flying Saw How to adjust the system!
Flying Saw  adjustment is mainly a two-speed adjustment: one saw the car for a given speed, and second, saw the car return rate. The former walk through the adjustment of one-way valve cylinder, so that saw the car speed close to the pipe of a given welding speed, but

 Slightly lower than the welding speed. The latter adjustment, the return time to have a dampening effect throttle, while the buffer cylinders also have quick exhaust valve, quick exhaust to ensure that car back quickly after sawing reset, not positioned to prevent vibration. Other

 , The production rate in the pipe to determine the case, saw the car acceleration by adjusting the buffer size can be thrust to change the cylinder, but the thrust is not too large, otherwise it will create
 Cutting time is not enough, easy to break the blade. Finally, adjustments need to pay attention, when the car and welded simultaneously, the pipe and the distance traveled by the distance traveled by car the difference as small as possible, so that the impact of pipe to the baffle

 The smaller force, saw cars more stable, cut to length accuracy is also higher, while also cutting more effort.

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