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Spiral welded pipe is equipped with price related factors

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The 1 material thickness. Material thickness is greater, the greater the forming force, facilities for higher and higher, the higher the price of facilities;

2 data width. Data width is bigger, wider facilities facilities, the price will be high. At the same time, facilities with large width,

Sky product accounted for larger, civil construction investment is high.

3 information material. Similar to the different thickness of material stiffness of different, making straight deformation force is also different. For example: the same thickness

The board with steel contrast straight force required for it or is negligible. Stiffness greater information needs of forming force

Larger, more expensive facilities;

4 models. The swing type spiral welded pipe facility price is higher than the front swing SSAW pipe facilities. See my other blog before

Swing SSAW pipe facilities and swing SSAW pipe facilities.

5 pipe diameter. Finished steel pipe diameter bigger molding machine control roll will be greater. At the same time, similar to the thickness of the steel

Tube, pipe diameter bigger steel weight heavier on the rear axle supporting facilities will also impact;

6 pipe grade. Ordinary water pipeline construction, pile tube as long as to after the bridge output cut-off can, of high grade

Oil pipeline, gas pipeline, must prepare flat head chamfering machine, hydraulic pressure testing machine and the X light, ultrasonic testing facilities etc.

Finishing area facilities, thus facilities group investment will increase. At the same time finishing area accounts for the sky product than pure host is much,

Home construction investment growth will be many.

7 production of steel tube. The length will affect the length of the bridge on the backswing after, SSAW pipe facilities influence, on the former

Swing SSAW pipe facilities have little effect.

Application of 8 parts. Bearings, hydraulic components, electrical components and other selected country making brand or brands of facilities a total investment

Have not the small influence.

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