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Internal and external pressure steel pipe welded stainless steel pipes

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Worthy of attention is, in China's iron and steel exports of building materials, steel has always been international anti-dumping countervailing investigations focus. This is the first time in China to the international iron and steel building materials for anti-dumping investigations.

Ministry of Commerce announced announcement, decided to formally since September 8th on the original building in the European Union and Japan in the export of building materials sales, marketing margin and its Chinese building materials industry for its damage, the extent of damage investigation.

Chinese steel exports repeated by the international anti-dumping countervailing investigation at the same time, export of steel is also in constant war with the domestic steel enterprises.

Recently, two stainless steel seamless steel tubes to create business Jiangsu Wujin stainless steel pipe factory one limited company and Changshu Huaxin Special Steel Company Limited, on behalf of the domestic bearing industry to the Ministry of Commerce submitted an application for anti-dumping investigation, the original building in the European Union and Japan relationship between exports high compliance of stainless steel seamless steel tube building materials for anti dumping investigation.

So in recent years the domestic steel enterprises international export touch nose, home building boom, enterprises and having a bad day

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