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Looper is to ensure that the important and indispensable equipment for automated production of ERW, play a role to ensure that the material storage, continuous feed, as well as the main mill work. Rolling production process, production line set the looper main purpose is to solve before and after the match and production capacity rhythm problem. Cold Strip Mill acid mill group, for example, in the hot-rolled coil-after has to realize the continuous rolling welder, welder strip stop investing, and the relatively long time, and behind the strip mill fast, in order to ensure the continuous production of the entire production line, in the middle of the welder - acid groove - mill has multiple looper and looper, of kilometers.
Looper's main role is to store enough strip, Welder the unit head and tail segment during strip on volumes, cutting, welding and unloading processes, the central section of the unit strip still runs continuously.
  Looper type, there are four: strip piled multilayer looper pit; the free overhanging ② The strip looper pit; vertical live sets tower; ④ level, Looper car.
Looper in the production of the strip, with a very common, such as pipe production, rolling, pickling galvanized production, the production of a variety of cold-formed profiles. Because these lines are generally required continuous production, and a roll of tape the material length must be limited welding. welding takes a long time, therefore to looper storage material can empty the next time to complete the welding. depending on the thickness of the material width, choose the form:
Cage, Trolley Overhead, Floop vertical, horizontal spiral.

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