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API welded pipe mill IF pipe seam annealing line equipment

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Weld annealing method, steel pipe company can produce high-grade steel pipe. Pipe induction annealing device is the induction heater as the main components of the continuous pipe mechanical just welded and quenched pipe weld is heated to above the critical temperature, quenched and annealed pipe weld to minimize weld stresses and potential cracks resulting fine grain structure can be guaranteed to meet all standard specifications the robust steel. Since the weld is localized heating, so that the oxidation and deformation of steel pipes are minimal for accurate and consistent diathermic also makes the entire weld area to obtain the fine grain structure, consistent with the parent material.Flying saw

Control core of the center console is a full set of equipment, manual / automatic conversion function is set, the automatic function control system consists of PLC, touch control screen, high-precision thermometer, completely high-precision closed-loop temperature control, temperature control accuracy 1%, to ensure the stability of the steel annealing quality.

Heating temperature through man-machine interface (touch screen) to set the user to set the process parameters according to different specifications and material of steel pipe. Inside the system can be stored in five kinds of equipment operating data is stored, after adjusting for the different specifications of the steel pipe, material, and later with a steel pipe of the same specification annealing, it can be used directly transferred out, to further ensure the stability of the steel annealing quality, very big convenience to users.

Programmable controller round monitoring of water, electricity, sound and light alarm, the event of a failure, the system immediately stop heating, ensure the safe operation, and displays the fault location, can quickly find the failure to resume production.

The higher heating frequency premise, summed up in the following three advantages:

① power conversion efficiency is higher.

② under the same conditions, the power consumption is reduced with the increased frequency, which is essential for reducing the electricity cost of the tube seam annealing.

③ lower the frequency, the thrust the greater the magnetic sensor between coil turns, this requires special measures must be taken in order to make the center turns to maintain a small gap in the sensor production work more difficult.

Sensor head design

① sensor head height electric lift.

② sensor head PLC control equipment downtime can be automatically lifted.

(3) across the sensor head installation support rollers to prevent adsorption of the sensor head of the steel pipe.

④ sensing head elevation coordination with the host manufacturer.

650kW / 1 ~ 2kHz SCR IF annealing power main technical indicators

① DC Rated voltage: UdN = 510V

② DC rated current: IdN = 1300A

(3) DC rated power: PdN = 650kW

(4) Operating frequency: f = 1 ~ 2kHz

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