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Steel pipe CE certification requires detection

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"CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and enter the European market passport. CE behalf of the European the unified (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Those who posted "CE" mark products can be members of domestic sales in the EU, are not required to meet the requirements of each member, in order to achieve a free flow of goods in the EU member states within


CE certification process

A consulting

Any way you can telephone, fax, e-mail, we present preliminary intended application (such as: Which types of products to apply what certification, specific models and specifications, product samples and description). Hello provided roughly advise you best certification programs, documents and drawings and other information requirements put forward before the test, and a preliminary estimate of the costs associated.

Second, the application

We will be in receipt of the above documents and information, the formal acceptance of the application and identifies the project number, at the same time develop a certified agent entrustment agreement (with clear lines of responsibility and obligation, in duplicate).

Third, the contract

Please return to Division I will be signed and sealed by the Agreement, in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement to pay the associated costs; we will receive a signed and sealed "agreement" and proof of payment, the designated project engineer in charge of this project, and select the appropriate laboratory and engineers.

Fourth, technical support (optional)

According to your requirements, the project engineer will explain to you your product standards and safety requirements; arrangements for diagnostic testing and structural preflight; Chinese information translated into English.

V. censorship ready

Our project engineers timely feedback to contact with the certification body's progress and notify you test or repeat the test sample requirements and the exact cost, as well as a series of documents signed by the certification bodies (such as the certification body of the application form, structure parameter table, tracking service agreements, etc.). Please prepare samples folder information, testing fees, and sent to our project engineers as required.

VI censorship

Our project engineers will provide you with samples, information costs be submitted to the certification body or laboratory, and timely track the progress of the certification program, feedback test information, until the end of the project.

Seven, repeat the test

If the test failed items, you can sample the rectification send samples again, repeat the test; can also cancel items only apply at maturity. Our engineers will be given corrective advice and assist you with samples rectification.

Eight, the first factory inspection or pre-certification test Flying saw

After the start of the project, there will be certification body or its designated inspection machinery to your plant first factory inspection or pre-certification inspection (CE certification) to to inspect factory testing and production process to meet the requirements. The adoption of the check, is also a necessary condition to obtain a license or certificate.

Nine, and follow-up services (optional)

After the end of the certification, we can provide a series of annual service according to your different requirements, such as: purchase labels and yellow cards, correspondence and data translation, in lieu of fees, replace modify the page to apply for the change.

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