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Cancel the tax rebates to help balance the price of iron ore

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China National Radio on Tuesday quoted the China Iron and Steel Association (ChinaIronandSteelAssociation referred to: The the CISA) Report of the Secretary-General Shan Shanghua then reported, China canceled some steel products export tax rebate measures to help balance the price of iron ore.

    Reportedly, said Shan Shanghua, iron ore is one of the main raw material for steel making, iron and steel exports increase iron ore imports rose. Therefore, to reduce steel exports iron ore prices will form some sort of balance "Flying saw
    CISA is an important participant in the Chinese iron ore price negotiations with global mining giant. China is the world's largest steel producer.

    China announced last week that it will cancel export tax rebates, including some steel and non-ferrous metal products, including a variety of commodities.

    The Chinese government stepped up efforts to rectify, not only strict emission controls, and serious pollution of the domestic steel industry are encouraged to upgrade and reorganization.

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