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Analysis of the Steel City rebounded to defeat the antecedents and consequences

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On August 2, the domestic steel market Pudie, the overall turnover of the situation in general. According to market monitoring, the domestic key cities Ф25mm three rebar average price of 3792 yuan (t price

, The same below) than 5.5mm hot rolled coil flat domestic major cities 1, 2009, down 27 yuan; the domestic key cities Ф6.5mm high line an average price of 3,709 yuan, down 15 yuan more than in the 1st;Flying saw

Average price of 3,693 yuan, down 9 yuan more than in the 1st; 1.0mm cold plate of the domestic focus of the central city average price of 4,658 yuan, down 10 yuan more than in the 1st; domestic major cities 20mm

The board average price of 3,673 yuan, down 11 yuan more than in the 1st.
Main 1301 contract on the 2nd of the rebar in early trading to 3,696 yuan / ton opening, subsequent price shock down throughout the day, all day minimum 3,663 yuan / ton, the highest

3,698 yuan / ton to close at $ 3,670 / ton, compared with the previous day (1) settled down 61 yuan / ton, turnover 1,234,526 1,070,120 hand positions increased 38,568


Raw materials, 150 * 150 carbon billet in Tangshan region of 3,260 yuan, down 20 yuan more than in the 1st; Tangshan region 65-66 grade acidic dry iron ore prices in 1060, and

1 year; Tangshan secondary metallurgical coke price 1570 yuan, the same as in the 1st.

After a brief back up, the overall market fell once again return channel. Whether capital market of the stock market, steel or electronic disk or steel spot City

Field are dropped to the main tone, once again confirms the lack of demand to support the market rally would not last long, this is also doomed to a wave of short-term technical rebound, Epiphyllum

One is now. In particular, two days ago led the spiral price run day reduced several times now decline, the price of hot rolled, cold-rolled and plate still vulnerable. On the one hand

Downstream industries is still sluggish, on the other hand, the lack of market confidence is more serious. I believe that, in order to market the substantive improvement, either steel production,

It needs to release, while the dependence the country descending prospective, interest rate on the steel market hurt does not itch macro side policies to rescue the market may be almost zero. Past several national side

Surface view of the action, the Steel City for the reaction is weakening, the market is significantly diluted. As for the automotive, appliance and other downstream industry subsidies political

Policy point of view, implement and market is expected to be significantly lower. Around the real estate bailout repeatedly under pressure with the setback, these were doomed to the short term is difficult to Steel City

The antecedents and consequences of improvement. But in terms of the cost line, down cycles, falling steel prices has little room.

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