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Chinese steel still fall

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Chinese steel market monitoring shows that fell yesterday,Flying saw  the city has increased, but the decline is still maintained at between 10-30 yuan / ton, while the futures market trend is the opposite, the main thread 1210 contract eventually closed at 4085 yuan / ton, compared with the previous business dayThe settlement price rose 18 yuan / ton.
Market, the price of the full loose under the transaction is even weaker. Merchant feedback, the capital side, there is no sign of any easing, the downstream potential buyers willingness extremely downturn, market shipments are generally not ideal, and the growing business-to-price concession space.

The cost yesterday of Tangshan Putan billet factory accumulated down 20-3570 yuan / ton, while 63.5% grade Indian iron ore offer also fell 0.5 to 141.5 U.S. dollars / ton. Steel, the western region into real Chengdu, Chengdu Changfeng for building materials down 30-70 yuan / ton, the thermal coil receivables price Tiantie June down 110 yuan / ton, while Shougang July varieties of wire guide price policy do adjustment.

News surface, the data show that from the overseas view, a senior executive at Rio Tinto said on Tuesday, up a constant supply of new production, expected future iron ore price will be lowered, and the expected iron ore prices will not return to annual pricing system.

The face of instability in the market now, the majority of businesses are not optimistic about the market outlook, although close to the weekend, but the price is still hard to pick the quoted market price today is expected to continue to loose.

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