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Hydraulic knowledge

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1, what is the transmission fluid, hydraulic transmission and hydraulic transmission? Answer: ( 1) for driving the liquid liquid as medium to transmit energy and control mode of transmission is called liquid transmission. ( 2) hydraulic transmission fluid pressure can transfer energy and movement transmission method known as hydraulic transmission. ( 3 ) hydraulic transmission adopted liquid kinetic energy transmission method known as hydraulic Flying Cutoff transmission. 2, what is the reason of hydraulic transmission? What is the component, circuit and system? Answer: ( 1) hydraulic transmission reason graph representing various hydraulic components, accessories and connection mode of graphic symbol, used to show a hydraulic system principle diagram, known as the hydraulic transmission principle diagram. Display a bench grinder hydraulic logical diagram, is an example of. Graphic symbol annotation content: authority figure, as shown in Figure 1, the 1 show, how a graphical comparison of visual elements, structural characteristics and understanding, but the graphics too cumbersome, drawing way; another is a graphic logo, is a variety of hydraulic components graphic symbols appearing, but many different elements (2 ) parts, in order to achieve specific yield forming portion, called elements, such as hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, valve, oil tank, filter, battery, cooler tube is discussed. Some of these elements usually generic, standard. ( 3 ) the hydraulic circuit to complete specific performance, for example the link. ( 4) system hydraulic system to form the circuit, used to control and drive the hydraulic machine to realize the work of the entire transmission system. In agricultural machinery, hydraulic technology is very popular, such as aggregation harvester, tractor and plow. In the automotive industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic dump car, hydraulic aerial work truck, fire truck with hydraulic technology. In the textile industry, to operate the hydraulic technology of Flying saw plastic injection molding machine, rubber vulcanization machine, paper machine, printing machine and textile machine. In the shipping industry, the hydraulic Wu Yi is generally used, such as hydraulic digging plane, a salvage ship, piling ship, petroleum students build platform of hydrofoil, a hovercraft and the donor vessel.

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