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Hydraulic cylinder problem solution

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Hydraulic cylinder creeping problem what are the solutions

In 1, a piston rod cavity and the cavity without rod has the gas Strip Accumulator generated by repeated low velocity crawling, running hydraulic cylinder achieve the purpose of air exhaust, needed in a pipe or a hydraulic cylinder two chamber exhaust device, in the hydraulic system for exhaust.

In 2, the hydraulic cylinder design gap improper crawl, can correct design of hydraulic cylinder piston and cylinder, piston rod and the guide sleeve between the sliding fit clearance, theoretically the clearance of H9 / N or H9 / F8, H8 / F8 there; according to the author's experience, the hydraulic cylinder cylinder bore and rod size from small to big, if press this to design with the gap, for larger diameter (≥ 200 ) and rod diameter (≥ 140mm ) clearance is too large gap, the actual process, the hydraulic cylinder crawl phenomenon of smaller diameter of the hydraulic cylinder is much abroad, such hydraulic cylinder sliding surface clearance is generally designed for 0.05mm ~ 0.15, from the actual results, the hydraulic cylinder crawling problems significantly improved. The large diameter cylinder and suggested the use of this method.

In 3, the hydraulic cylinder guide element friction of uneven crawl, recoended using metal as a guide support, such as QT500 - 7, ZQAL9 - 4, such as the use of a metal supporting ring, and suggested the use of in the oil of good dimension stability of non metal Flying Cutoff supporting ring, particularly a coefficient of thermal expansion of small, in addition on supporting ring thickness, must be strictly controlled dimensional tolerances and thickness uniformity.

In 4, the sealing material problems caused by hydraulic cylinder creeping, in conditions permitting, priority using Teflon as sealing combined seal ring, such as coonly used by the circle, stepseal etc.; such as the selection of the lip seal, suggested materials optimization Ding Qing rubber or similar material of the seal, the following sex is good

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