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Looper knowledge introduction

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Shear Welder

Loose flange that is movable flange plate, is generally set in water supply and drainage fittings ( telescopic section on the most common), manufacturers factory telescopic section ends each have a flange, direct and engineering of pipeline, equipment connected by bolts. Loose flange of many classification. General with a flat flange, butt welding flange ( welding neck flange ), looper flange. Flat welding flange for low pressure, using socket welding, Shear Welder on both sides of welding, welding depth from the sealing surface of the flange welding neck flange welded directly to 2-5mm,  looper flange bolt connection without welding. Loose flange is a link member, connected to the valve and pipeline, valve and pipe connection is in when the connection is connected by a bolt, so the valve two end with N uniform bolt hole is a flange type.Loose flange is a disc-shaped parts, in pipeline engineering are the most common, flange are used in pairs.

In the pipeline project, mainly used for pipeline flange connection. In need of connecting pipe, a variety of mounting flanges, pipe can use wire connecting flange, kilograms of above pressure using welding flange. Two flange is coupled between the sealing point, then the bolt fastening. Different pressure flange having different thickness and the use of different bolt.

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