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Contour Milling Type Flying CutOff

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Contour Milling Type Flying CutOff
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                       - Newest Machine developed by SRET

Feature :
As the on line cut off machine , XFJ Series Contour milling type flying cutoff enable cutting of the products to present length in a high precision and a marvelous end face quality , Providing a near burr-free and low noise cut with two blades moving in a simultaneous polar coordinate contour tool path . It can easily handle all types of products-Round , Square and rectangle for pipe and tube mill lines .

This machine is suitable for cutting pipe and structural sections from 50mm to 660mm and wall thickness up to 22mm .

TCT ( Tungsten Carbide Tip ) blades make you can select the wider range of cutoff conditions from a ultra high surface speed and light cut to a low surface speed and heavy cut, and a wide range of standard material and shape section can be cut.

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